Winners of the President's trophy

LLSC Presidents Trophy
LLSC Presidents Trophy


This table contains most of the winners since 1992. There are a few gaps due to winners not having their name engraved on the trophy, and loss of records within the club



We bought a new trophy in 1992, as the winner in 1991 did not return the original trophy.  That matched the Commodore's Cup (see another Results page) from 1968 or thereabouts. They looked very fine when occasionally seen together. 



This trophy has been awarded to the winner of the Open Regatta at Llandegfedd Sailing Club. Typically this is a two day handicap event with about 5 races.




Sarah GreenDavid GreenRS 200Llandegfedd2023
Mark Williams RS 100Llandegfedd2022
Nigel Tinkler RS 100Llandegfedd2021
    Not Sailed  Covid-19 Lockdowns2020
Mark Williams RS 100Llandegfedd2019
Jeff Titmus RS VareoLlandegfedd2018
Jeremy Symons RS VareoLlandegfedd2017
Pete VincentPete CruickshankRS 400Llandegfedd2016
Robin Wood International CanoeLlandegfedd2015
    Site Closed  (Building work)2014
Steve Bowen International Canoe 2013
??  Llandegfedd2012
??  Llandegfedd2011
Steve Bowen International CanoeLlandegfedd2010
Bill JacksonHelen JacksonRS 400Llandegfedd2009
Jeremy Symons RS VareoLlandegfedd2008
??   2007
Nigel Tinkler RS VareoLlandegfedd2006
Mark Williams RS VareoLlandegfedd2005
Andy HowardAlex HowardRS 400Llandegfedd2004
D J Edwards ??British Steel Sailing Club2003
Mark WilliamsSam WilliamsRS 400Llandegfedd2002
Andy HowardDave TrevelyanRS 400Llandegfedd2001
Phil TilleyHelen TilleyRS 400Llandegfedd2000
Robin WoodBen WoodNational 12Llandegfedd1999
Bill JacksonHelen JacksonRS 400Llandegfedd1998
Alan BoltonAnthony RingEnterpriseLlandegfedd1997
Martyn OsborneMark Williams505Llandegfedd1996
??   1995
Oscar ChessM StephensOspreyMumbles1994
Ian FryattJohn PymOsprey 1993
Jack Cunningham Sailboard 1992


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