Winners of the Commodores's Trophy


This table contains all of the winners since the club was founded in 1968. 


The Cup was commissioned in 1968 by Robert Lambert, the first Club Commodore.


This trophy has been awarded to the Club's best racing sailor each year for over 50 years. The overall results of each series throughout the year are taken and added together. Some years the result is in doubt to the very last race, at other times it is obvious in mid summer who is most likely to win. 


Whilst the sums and methods have altered slightly over the years, there is no doubt that each year the cup will go to a persistent, resolute and consistent helm and crew. 


2021Jeremy SymonsRS Vareo
2020No championship 
2019Mark WilliamsRS100
2018Mark WilliamsRS100
2017Jeremy SymonsRS Vareo
2016Mark WilliamsRS100
2015Jeremy SymonsRS Vareo
2014No sailing 
2013Jeremy SymonsRS Vareo
2012Mark WilliamsRS100
2011Mark WilliamsRS100
2010Mark WilliamsRS Vareo/RS100
2009Mark WilliamsRS Vareo
2008Mark WilliamsRS Vareo
2007Mark WilliamsRS Vareo
2006Jeremy SymonsRS Vareo/RS200
2005Mark WilliamsRS Vareo
2004Mark WilliamsLaser
2003Andy and Ruth HowardRS400
2002Nigel TinklerLaser
2001Alun and Judith BoltonEnterprise
2000Mark and Sam WilliamsN12
1999Bill and Helen Jackson/ Joanna SykesRS400
1998Bill and Helen JacksonRS400
1997Alan and Judith BoltonEnterprise
1996Chris BrannLaser
1995Martyn Osborne and Mark Williams505
1994Bill Jackson and Trevor Harris505
1993Ray BrownLaser
1992Neil SaundersLaser
1991Jon and Dave Iliffe505
1990Doug PitmanKestrel
1989Warren ArdenWayfarer
1988Mike SticklandEnterprise
1987No sailing 
1986Colin EvansIntenational Moth
1985Robin WoodIntenational Moth
1984Huw Jones505
1983Doug PitmanKestrel
1982Don ParsonsFireball
1981Phil HillierKestrel
1980Robin WoodIntenational Moth
1979Steve RobertsonLaser
1978Steve RobertsonLaser
1977Alan TitmusLaser
1976Roy SymonsKestrel
1975Roy SymonsKestrel
1974Tony TregoSolo
1973Laurie JarrettKestrel
1972Tony TregoFireball
1971Tony TregoFireball
1970Peter HarrisLaser
1969John BrockwayEnterprise
1968Tony TregoFireball
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