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The Bosun's Responsibilities

The bosun's' lot is a very busy one. (Dictionary; See Boatswain; Ship's officer in charge of sails and rigging, and summoning men to duty with a whistle). We have a large team of people who support the Chief Bosun, and they have a pile of equipment to maintain, inspect and keep usable. This covers both sail and powerboats, as well as the specialised Race equipment. Further detail and handbooks will be put in the Members Only documents area

You can see the current Team on the “teams” page. 

If you like tinkering with boats and bits, please contact the team and volunteer in the area that interests you. It is an occasional job, and is assisted by club-wide working parties at the start and close of the main season when we get boats for winter or back from winter storage. 

Breakage reporting

If you spot any breakages, missing items, or just have some useful ideas why not send them through to the Bosuns team using this form?

Sailing Boats and associated equipment

  • One up to date Race Topper (allocated for individual use for a year)
  • A dozen training toppers, replaced by rotation. The majority have both standard and the 4.2 rigs to suit smaller sailors
  • 8 way Topper Rack in the dinghy park
  • Three RS Feva XL boats with two sets of sails, for racing and training
  • Two Lasers, each with Full, Radial and 4.7 rigs (racing and training)
  • Two 2000s. These have a full complement of sails including spinnakers. One has a trapeze to demonstrate advanced sailing.
  • Foils, rudders and equipment to go with all these boats.
  • Four thin upright buoys for race training
  • A pile of helmets
  • A pile of buoyancy aids

Race Management Equipment

  • Penelope, a Hardy 18 with a small motor for mobility. Electric winch for one man use (promise!)
  • OD hut, with anemometer,  PV panel to power the horn, radio and lights
  • Two sets of race equipment, consisting of Autohoot and horns, PV and electricity generating kit, batteries etc. three coloured lights in each place for ease of use for club racing. (Near identical systems on Penelope and the OD hut)
  • Sets of flags to run races using standard International RRS rules
  • Fixed buoys around the reservoir - need checking and reworking most years
  • Large Race Buoys for Open Meetings
  • X and Y buoys
  • Road Trailer for Penelope

Safety equipment and Race Management equipment

  • Big Rib XS500, 5m long RIB, and motor
  • Ex-Big Rib 4m long,  and motor
  • A Road Trailer to take one RIB (shared)
  • Aquadock to take 2 RIBS
  • Jenneau with 15hp motor, trolley
  • All boats have a first aid kit
  • Fixed UHF radios in both OD hut and Penelope
  • 4 UHF Radios for use in the other boats
  • Charging kit for mobile radios.
  • And a wall safe to keep keys
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