1960s scene (enhanced?)
Gareth Edwards and Andy Howard, 1993?
Youth Team 2002. Now doctors, Barristers etc!

This page will provide the gateway to the ancient history that the club now carries. The Racing results pages hold the Racing archives. We have some records of Open Meetings with complete soup to nuts - or more accurately, NoR to Results and Photographs. 

We have a slide show in the carousel of the old pictures that have been passed down for getting on for 50 years. 

One particular early picture shows Solo 1292 which was built by Jack Taylor (presumably in the 1960's). He sailed the boats into his 80's and did amazingly well in light winds on Wednesdays at an advanced age. 

Another picture of the launching bay shows the Sea  Cadets and Bosuns. One of them, with the mast down, has a man in shorts. This is Derek Robinson, who was our Training Principal for the first 30 years of the club. 

Look out for the complete list of Commodores and Presidents. These people have put a lot of work into the club over the years. 

The Newsletters give a different slant on the club history. Depending upon the personality of whoever volunteered as editor, you get either a serious or light-hearted look at what was going on. 

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