Youth Racing

Most of our junior members take part in the racing circuit around Wales, the UK and sometimes the World. Infact the number of our young sailors who go on to compete nationally, means that the club is awarded RYA British Youth Sailing (BYS) club status, something that we are very proud of. Well done sailors and the parents for supporting them.

If this interests you, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take part. 

LLSC Racing 

Club racing is open to all members and takes place on a Wednesday evening and a Sunday afternoon, between the beginning of March and the end of November. These races include boats of various shapes and sizes and sailors of all ages and abilities. Joining our Sunday morning Feva sessions might be a good way of getting into this with others.

Many of our junior and youth sailors want to race.  They are naturally competitive and really enjoy learning how to make their boat go fast and developing the skills of sailboat racing. 

One parent has provided this testimonial on sailing in general;

What’s so good about getting kids into sailing? I can only tell you what it has done for my daughter who is now 15. Learning to sail has given her physical fitness, co-ordination and agility; I‘ve watched open-mouthed as her self-belief, confidence and determination grows; she conquered some demons early on, has found true mental toughness I’d never have thought possible and has developed a healthy, fun-loving competitiveness and delightful assertiveness. These are all great life-skills! But she has also had so much fun sailing for days on end with like-minded youngsters who’ll probably be friends for life! They have all gained a real love the outdoors and seem to have no problem with the rain, the cold and some pretty hairy wind. They’re all just having a blast, I couldn’t get her in if I tried!

Dragon Series

This is a series of races for juniors around the South Wales area. The 4 races are usually held at Llandegfedd, Cardiff Bay, Tata Steel (Port Talbot) and Mumbles. The Dragon Series is a fun and inclusive set of races. It’s a great way to get to know people if you are new and to test your skills if you are more experienced, with race classes for different abilities. You can do as many or as few race days as you’d like to. 

Welsh Open Championships

In the summer we host our own Welsh Open Championships and Onboard Regatta. Seasoned racers will take part in the silver and gold classes with a Regatta fleet for anybody new to racing. There are usually wonderful prizes up for grabs. 

National Series Races

These races are a bit further afield. We have included them here as a lot of our junior racers travel and take part in them. They are a national series (NS) of 5 race weekends. Number 1 takes place in the autumn, with the following races taking place over the spring and summer. You must be a member of ITCA (International Topper Class Association) to take part in these.

Topper Nationals

This is a week long event which takes place in a different location around the UK each year. Again you will need to be a member of ITCA. It is usually a great event, enjoyed by the sailors and the family’s accompanying them. Many of our junior sailors will be taking part.

Topper Worlds

Another week long event which takes place in a different location around the world each year. We usually have a few of our junior sailors travelling to this event.


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