Llandegfedd Sailing Club's Sailing Instructors

Some of our instructors
Some of our instructors

Sail Training is a serious matter. You want to be sure that you are being taught correctly by people who know what they are doing. Luckily, Llandegfedd Sailing Club takes training seriously, and has been an RYA recognised establishment for a long time. We are inspected every year, both for provision of equipment and adherence to safety standards.

All of our Instructors are unpaid, and most have full time jobs outside the sailing industry. We also talk to fellow instructors in other clubs, and occasionally work with them for youth coaching, or share Instructors courses. Instructors undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) and hold First Aid certificates

Our Team

The table shows our list of Instructors and their qualifications. Below that is a brief explanation of what each person will do. Further details of the entire RYA training scheme can be found at the following link; RYA Training Overview

 First AiderAssistant 
Dinghy InstructorAdvanced 
Racing CoachPower boat 
Bill Jackson   ✓ L3 
Sarah Green     
Andy Howard  ✓ L2 
Colin Walsh     
Jeff Titmus     
Chris Carrel  Keelboat 
Will Willett   ✓ L2 
Dylan Fletcher  Keelboat✓ L2 
Sian Carrel     
Jonny Everett   ✓ L2 
Alun Cleverly     
Gareth Williams     
Miles Everett     
Ben Willett   ✓ L2 
Owen Harris     
Tommy Willett   ✓ L2 
Phil Greenman     
Georgia Hughes     
Clive Thomas First Aid Inst.   
Pete Cruickshank    ✓ L2 
Jackie Rhodes   ✓ L2 
Rhys Powell   ✓ L2 
Callum Kennedy     
Luke Chrichton     
Jack Sims      
Baz Sanderson Wood      
Clay Sanderson Wood      
Feargus Cripwell      
George Biggs      
Jack Wright      
Rhys Rowbotham      
Sam Morley      
Will Adam      

Types of Instructors within the Club

Some of our instructors
Some of our instructors

Teaching Establishment Principal

The Principal makes sure that the Instructors and the club follow the RYA training standards correctly. All Instructors are under the control of the Principal.

Chief Instructor

Our Chief Instructor is Bill Jackson. The Chief Instructor also makes sure that the Instructors follow the RYA training standards correctly, and is permitted to sign Certificates.

Senior Instructors

The Senior Instructor is an experienced Instructor who supervises the work of the Dinghy Instructors. He or she organises the courses and manages the delivery of them and the safety of participants.

Dinghy Instructor

The DI is an experienced dinghy sailor who has been trained and assessed to be able to deliver dinghy instruction to a high standard. They will be capable of handling boats in strong winds with inexperienced trainees. ALL of our Instructors are RACING Instructors, see below.

Assistant Instructors

The RYA also recognises the role of supporters to Instructors. These people are competent sailors who have been assessed to be skilled in providing additional training to learners. However, they will not necessarily have the full training or necessarily meet the full eligibility criteria.

Instructor Endorsements

Advanced Instructor

This endorsement brings together a number of different techniques from Spinnaker Handling, through Rig Tuning to Performance Sailing. We run parts of these courses on demand but there as aspects within here that contribute to the improvement of sailing beyond the RYA Level 2 courses, and bring us towards the racing coaching work.

Racing Dinghy Instructor

All of our Instructors are Racing DIs. This endorsement is gained by instructors with experience of Club Racing who wish to teach racing skills. As we are all Dinghy Racers first, before being Instructors, we are particularly strong in this skill.

Power boat Instructor

The Power boat Instructor will have been trained and assessed to be capable and safe to handle powerful boats in all reasonable weathers. Their training will include similar aspects of course delivery to the Dinghy Instructor so that they can delivery a high standard course to trainee's satisfaction. 

Racing Coaches

Racing Coaches must be able to teach the RYA Start Racing, Junior Racing Red and White badge standards. All sorts of racing techniques, start coaching, boat handling skills are covered. They probably know al about Spinnakers and Trapeze work, as well as all the boat control settings. Typically they will have featured prominently in Club and Open meeting events, and will probably have won a number of trophies over the years. Our Racing Coaches have many years of racing experience to back up their coaching abilities.

Instructors' Qualifications

Our Sailing Instructors also have to be RYA Qualified. This means that they must be able to sail competently, but also be able to teach in an approved and structured manner. They also are assessed on a regular basis. The governing body's requirements are as follows;


  • Over 16
  • Valid First Aid Certificate
  • RYA Power boat Level 2 Certificate
  • "Safe and Fun" certification covering Safeguarding of children
  • Dinghy Instructors have to pass a Pre-entry sailing assessment

Instructor Competences

  • Sailing or Power boat Course preparation
  • Course Delivery
  • Course Management
  • Customer Liaison


The Instructors award is valid for five years, but the First Aid certificate has to be maintained. This is only valid for three years. A the end of each five year period, The RYA has to revalidate the Instructor's certificate and uses log book evidence to ensure that the Instructor is actually teaching, and in what sort of environment. Attendance at Instructor's Clinics and coaching sessions is also advised. All in all, a lot of time and effort is spent gaining and keeping these qualifications.

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